We are a great group of men and women, united for a common objective: create a workspace of shared expression of the individual.
Our dream is the journey: a journey made over time, along with like-minded people with the ability to choose our destination.
When we created Smooland, the idea was to unite people’s passion and bridge it towards common goals; in the end it was Smooland who chose each one of us and we fed it with the sense of belonging.
Today it is fundamental to strengthen more and more the sense of being part of the group that the contribution and the commitment of all of us be directed to the challenge that lies ahead.
The path of our future, made up of growth, has been traced and it is up to all of us to follow it with determination.


The Smooland project was born from a group of “dreamers” , united by the passion to create a world in which everyone has the widest freedom of creative expression.
A world where nothing is imposed, but everything can be modified and enriched according to the people, events and environment that surround.
In a world where emotions have less and less space, the idea to offer an image and a special atmosphere makes Smooland creations unique with their emotional impact.
Smooland design items are handcrafted in Italy, can be tailored according to the customers needs. The versatility of the luminous objects is determined by the battery lighting that makes them easily adaptable to any setting.

Create a world

in which everyone has the widest freedom of creative expression